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Thursday, 11 June 2009

Story #84

I still owe you my one @#%!ed up love. The only one to end in disaster instead of happy tiems! :(

Once upon a time in the early morning in the town of Venhuizen a disaster was born
and it ruined and trashed my biggest love.

That's a new version of a Boy Named Sue :)

Now here goes for real:

It started last year when we finally got a bit closer after knowing each other for 2 years but we never really took interest in each other but all of a sudden we started talking more and more on msn and school.

It didn't took long before she asked me to go out with her and a couple friends and just to avoid being the only guy I brought mine along which was a good thing to do afterwards. Me and 6 girls in one room doesn't get a green light from my mind. Anyway all was fine and dandy that night and the inevitable little kiss took place when no one was looking /giggle.

Next day at school we both acted like it never happened even though all my friends knew it and I suppose her did as well. Next week was her birthday and we all got invited, yay! Now was my chance I had hoped for, I felt so confident.... Guess I was wrong.

We did have a nice evening but nothing special and she asked us all to stay over night and that was were the devil started kickin' in. I ''accidentally'' fell in her sleeping spot and she didn't seem to mind, I couldn't be happier. At the moment we woke up the next day we were still in the same bed so that didn't go wrong but then we (Me and my friends) made a deadly mistake.

Her house was a mess and I still don't know why and I still @#%!ing hate it but we left without saying anything, leaving her with a terrible mess and 5 hungover girls. Well that caused a 2 month silence between us and we never really become any closer than just friends for now.

How @#%!ing stupid was I, how @#%!ing .... GRRRRRR /emo

Now go laugh at me please, make me feel miserable so I can never make that mistake again.

(BTW, it's the only girl I screwed up with. The other 5 went just fine)

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