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Thursday, 11 June 2009

Story #82

I have liked this girl for 'bout a year now. She knows I like her, Her mates know I like her. The whole school know I like her. So I ask her out. this is the conversation that followed.

Her :"Yeah, but I kinda like someone else..."
Me : "Oh ok then..."
*awkward silence*
Me : "So who is it?"
Her : "Oh its "
Me : "Why don't you ask him out then?"
Her : "You think I should?"
Me : "Yeah go for it"
*she goes off to ask guy out, gets rejected, comes back*
Me : "Sooo...Wanna go out some time?"
*She looks at me and storms out the room crying*
Me : "Awwwww...%%*#..."

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