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Monday, 15 June 2009

Story #101

It's great to read that and realise long distance relationships can work with a little bit of effort and determination.

My parents actually met as Pen pals. Both were born in England, but my Dad was in the R.A.F (Royal Air Force) and was sent to a post in Holland. They started writing through letters, and eventually met up. My dad finished his time in the RAF, sold all of his possessions including his car in order to accumulate enough money to start up a new life with my Mum.

Long distance relationships are something both parties must work for. I was with a girl for a year and a half and we were so close, her parents and her moved away (about a 4 hour drive) and we completely lost contact. I wasn't even told they were moving until the day she went and even then I was told by my friend who was also her mate. He presumed I knew. I didn't have contact with her for 2 years (she changed number etc) and when I finally spoke to her again (I found her through facebook) she was a completely different person. I was totally gutted.

Although, "Life goes on" is a motto I will always live by. There's nothing I can do about it, so I shan't worry about it. :-)

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