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Thursday, 11 June 2009

Story #81

Q u o t e:
And I think I'm in love with my best friend's long-term girlfriend (who's also one of my best friends)

I have this too! Hurray. Mostly I ignore it though.

So atm I'm in the middle of a potential success or possible horrible failure. There's this girl that I met through becoming good mates with a few of the girls in work. She's their friend. Her name is Ellen. So Ellen and myself, the first few times we happened to be out at the same time, had a great laugh together, and all of a sudden I'm like hey, I think I like this girl. So my work mates figure this out (as girls are wont to do) and they obviously chat to her about it, and one of them tells me confidentially that Ellen ''thinks'' that she ''might'' like me. WTF does that mean?

So I'm like yeah that's grand, just take it in my stride, see what happens. The next time we happen to be out together with a group of friends however, Ellen barely talks to me, hell she barely LOOKS at me. So I'm like WTF, then I'm told by the same friend that she's probably just aware of the fact I like her and feeling awkward. Ok, fair enough. Then I'm told by Ellen's best friend that EVERYONE knows I like her. I get a serious grilling from her best friend, I reckon trying to see if I'm good enough for her, and I get told to ''take it slow, because she's been let down by some guy in the past''.

I'm Mr. Slow when it comes to girls tbh, so that's fine with me. But I've resolved that next time we're out, I'll have a little chat with her and invite her out for drinks or lunch sometime, just to get to know each other, because I still don't know that much about her, nor does she about me. Then my mate tells me that's not exactly taking it slow, but I don't care, I'm doing it anyway. Not gonna sit around waiting for this girl for months!

Apologies for the wall, if you wanna comment/advise, it's appreciated!

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