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Thursday, 11 June 2009

Story #78

Let's get back on track - here's my story:

A few months ago, I noticed a girl, who was a friend of one my mines I started talking to her and realised I really liked her. Turns out the feeling was mutual, and she dumped her at the time boyfriend to go out with me.

After about a week she realised she still had feelings for this guy, so I thought "oh, bugger", and I was dumped.

A few weeks later she came back saying how she still had strong feelings for me (sounds familiar...) and dumped the dude again. 2 days later, just as I was about to ask her out, she went out with some other guy, claiming I "left it too late".

However, she still liked me, so decided she may give me another chance, and dumped this guy. She then asked and started to go out with...

... My best friend -_-

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