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Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Story #109

This is where I got friendship zoned hard

I was at college and I had just moved to the area and didn’t know any one so I was feeling rather like the odd one out as every one else starting went to school together. And I was on a engineering course full of guys apart for this one girl now like me she was a real misfit being the only girl and non alternative person in the class.

So two weeks into the course I still had made very few friends in the area and was sitting alone outside on my brake enjoying the little sunshine we got that summer and she comes up and starts to talk to me and we become best friends. Then we get a lot closer over the next few weeks with my head starting to think of her in other ways and I start to hang out with more and more people form the course.

She starts to get interested in me sexually she even started playing wow and dressing more alliteratively to . but at this point I’m not noticing as I knew she was with some one at the time and I was busy trying to make some more mates.

A month later me and her were hanging out in town, eating sweets on a wall and taking the piss of the people that walked past. This is where the spark hit me I realized I how much I like her and she likes me, at the time I was to shy to kiss her though I knew she wanted me to. I keep looking back at that one moment in time knowing that's where most things went wrong for me

So nothing happens for a long time, while I’m working up the courage to ask her out and she was losing interest in me at this point and was gaining interest in my best mast form my old home town. I finally asked her out when it was to late and she told me I was just a very good friend now and couldn’t go out with me because she didn’t want to loose such a good mate and I realized I had taken so long I was put in to the friendship zone and now every time I see her my heart sinks thinking on what i missed out on but I cant stop seeing her because of how much pain I would put her though.

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