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Thursday, 11 June 2009

Story #75

Don't really know why I'm posting this, tbh. As a rule I've never had a problem with relationships - been in a series of long term relationships since my teens, ranging from 6 months up to 4 years, with the odd fling in between. All sort of fizzled out in the end - nothing momentous, like most I've been cheated on by one partner, and went out with one who thought it was fun to manipulate and call me names... but hey ###* happens. It's all pretty standard and by the by.

It's the last few months I've got pissed off with, in all honesty. It's quite hard to find other lesbian/bisexual girls - obviously there's the option of gay clubs, but these tend to be meat markets for girls just after some casual sex, and well, that's not my thing. It's pretty hard to just meet random girls on the street or in other social situations not designed specifically for gays either because you have to make the assumption that the bulk of girls you meet are straight.

With this in mind, I joined a lesbian forum, and a dating site. I had a lot of interest, which was a bit of an ego boost, most of which not my type, but a couple of nice girls.

So the first girl I got chatting to. Gorgeous girl, lots in common with each other, chatted most nights on MSN, the conversation was very easy and we had lots to chat about. A lot of flirting too, a fair few suggestions made. We arranged to meet up and go out for something to eat. She seemed very positive about it all, frequently referred to how excited she was without ANY prompting from me. she texted me on the day of the date saying "Really looking forward to tonight, see you at half 7. xxx". That night, as I was leaving something came up and she cancelled. I was aware it might be just an excuse on her part so I was pretty laid back - just texted her back saying "No worries, just drop me a line next time you're free and we can sort out another day if you want". Since then she's not been on MSN once (guessing I'm blocked), and she barely posts on the forums where we met.

The second girl I talked to was very sweet, we went out for something to eat. It went "ok". she's a few years younger than me and at University, so we're sort of in a different place in life with vastly different perspectives, thus it wasn't a mind blowing date, but we had a really lovely, easy conversation, and I found her very attractive, so when after the date she text me saying she wanted to meet up again (with NO prompting from me), I was like "sure". We texted a little in the days after this - again, mostly initiated by her texting me first. All of a sudden she just disappeared. I'm off her MSN and it's like nothing ever happened.

So the third girl was a little older, I had put the other bizarre endings down to their age/lack of maturity to be able to just say "I'm not interested, thanks". We e-mailed each other LOADS. Really hit it off, same sort of outlook on life, good banter, lots of giggles, lots of flirting. She mailed me over a week ago in which she basically referred to me as "pretty, sexy and gorgeous". I mailed back, had a bit of a flirt and some general chit chat. And then nothing. She's just stopped mailing me.

Now don't get me wrong, I'm not heartbroken over any of this, rejection happens and I deal with it. It's part of the "dating" world. But why did EVERY single one of them "finish" on an unprompted almost over the top thing about how they wanted to continue ("I'm looking forward to tonight", "let's do it again", "pretty, sexy, gorgeous") before just terminating it without a word. Why not just not say "I'm not interested", or if that's too hard, just don't bother with the OTT flirting immediately before not bothering to get in touch again. I can take a hint, if someone doesn't give me the "signs" I'm pretty fast at noticing and backing off. But don't bloody act like you're SUPER into me and then disappear. That's just rude! If I'm not into someone, I won't act like I want to date them, or call them sexy/gorgeous. Why can't others be the same?

Big rant, sorry for too much text, but it's really starting to piss me off, how people can't just be clear about what they want.

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