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Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Story #68

Meet the Uber-GALRITPOG!

Every time I get close to a girl and I actually start to like her or date her for a while I f*ck up. A few years ago I really liked this girl, but didn't seem to get any reaction (not that I did anything to make something happen). After a few months I kinda lost interest in her, and BAM! one evening she starts kissing me, telling me how great I am. But I told her in all honesty that I did not feel the same way any more, I told her that it was mutual a few months ago and so was like "why didn't you say so" and I was like "DOH!".

A few years later I meet another girl on holiday and I really liked her, but she had a boyfriend, and I backed off a bit. A few weeks after I came back I got a text saying that she broke up with her boyfriend en really wanted to meet me. So I went to her place but -again- it didn't feel the same any more. We kept talking for a few weeks and then it kinda died.

Sometime ago there was this other girl, which I met on WoW. First we talked a lot on WoW and MSN, later we started skyping en exchanging pictures. But as it is she still had a boyfriend, but KEPT giving me hints and stuff. So after a few months she invited me to her country, I need to say I had a blast of a time and even some stuff happened that shouldn't have happened (not proud of it). When I came back I was totally in love but she seemed different, felt like she was pushing me away. So after being sad for a while I decided to stop talking to her en kick her out of MSN and everything else. After a while I forgot about her. Then one day I get a text from her telling me how much she misses me. I decided not to react, afraid to feel sad again.

Now I am back on the market having fun and not falling in love so fast any more.

So I say again, Meet the Uber-GALRITPOG!

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