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Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Story #69


Here is my story..

It all started a half year back or something when I met this awesome girl. We started talking and it seemed to me like we clicked which is really special for me since I'm not really good in meeting new people and all. So at the end we exchanged msn and phone number. I was one happy guy back than.

During the next two month or so we talked on msn a lot and I was really falling in love. In one of our conversations I mentioned I'm really shy and normally not so open to girls. she reacted really kind and gave me all kind of tips to get more confident. A few days later she even asked me to hang out with her some day. so, of course I said yes and we had a great time... so far, so good.

Now, I still want to ask her out cause I'm just really crazy about her.. but, here's the thing. When I get online on msn she is always the one starting the conversation, so after the "Hi, how are you" thing I normally ask her how her day was etc. But she never shows interest back, she never asked how my day was for example.

This lack of interest in me, is that a sign she doesn't like me the way I like her, or should I still give it a shot and ask her out. I really hate it to get turned down so that's problem the reason why I haven't asked her out yet and I never will if I know she isn't interested in me

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