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Saturday, 2 May 2009

Story #56

Suppose I could post my story here as well, mainly to give this thread more life :P

Just came back from Croatia, and i had a brand new story ( Which I would need some help with) for the GALRITPOG thread. Just to notice that it's dead and that I'm not a necromancer. Anyway I still need some help, so I'll write the story here :D

If you can't be arsed to read the entire story, read the last sentence

Okay, as some people know I've been away to Croatia for some weeks. There i met the most beautiful girl ever. She even had good humour! Her music taste was crap but that's changeable :D It all started one typical night

Me, my 12 year old cousin and my 13 year old friend were walking back to the rest of our "gang". Then my friend tells us to wait here while he runs away to talk to some girls. They are four, and since I am in that age, I have to check if there's anyone hot. I notice one VERY hot girl, and she looks my age too! I stood and waited until he came back, then we started talking (Me = M, Friend = F)
M = Who's that blonde girl?
F = Her name is Jane (Not really :D), She's Swedish
M = Very funny mate (Since I am Swedish, i though he was making fun of me :D)
F= I'm dead serious
M= Really? Can she speak Swedish?
F= Yeah, she has lived her entire life in Sweden
M= Cool, how old is she?
F= Dunno, want me to ask?
M= Yeah, do that

Then he runs over and asks, and returns 15 seconds later

F= She's 15, turning 16 in august

I though "Wtf? She's 2 years older and a head shorter than me :o" I was pretty sure she was my age, apparently she wasn't.

M= Damn, we'll I'll have to make something up then (Since girls usually like older guys, not younger. Especially not two years). Let's go and find her.

And so we did, we started to walk against the village centre, and soon we found them sitting on a stone bench. I started talking to her immediately ( In Swedish of course)

M= Hey, what's your name? (I know I already knew it, but it felt wrong to start in a different way)
J= Jane...... Yours?
M= Martin, Where are you from?
J = Karlskoga, you? (8 hours away from me, yippie)
M = Lund. Karlskoga, ain't that in Blekinge? (A place close to me, mixed karlskoga up with Karlskrona)
J = No *giggle & silence* How old are you?
M= turning 17 in 8 days (And I was turning 14 in 8 days for real :P), you?
J= * looks at me with a suspicious look* okay, I'm 15, turning 16..

After that they said they had to go, and I didn't see her more that night. Saw her next day at the beach though, we talked a little, not too much though. Wish I wasn't that shy :/. Anyway, The evening was far more interesting, Was out with the same cousin & friend, + our new female friends. Jane had already found out that I was interested in her, not that it mattered though.

By the time I had told all my friends that, if she asked, tell her that I was 16, soon 17. It was pretty obvious that she didn't believe me though, since she asked pretty much everyone she saw. Everyone said 16, until the only girl I had to informed came walking by, and Jane asked of course, and got the answer 13. First she took it good, she said "I knew it!" and laughed. The rest of the evening (Which only lasted for 20 min, thank god) the only things she said was "hmm,ok,dunno,maybe,yeah". When I asked her why she said she was tired. We said goodnight to each other, and i hoped the next day would be better. and it was, much better.

The first thing i did when i saw her was walk up to her and ask :
M: Are you mad at me?
J: No..
M: Not at all?
J: Nope
M: Okay, all your friends say tha-
j: Martin, I'm not angry *smile* Just tell me why
M: Well, girls don't usually like younger guys *smile*
J: I do, well, 1 year ain't that much, but two..

And then our conversation was interrupted by Jane's 9-year old friend who wanted to play Volleyball with her. He invited me and the friend from the first night (Let's call him Tom) to join. It was me and the 9-year old against Jane and Tom. We pwned them rather hard, 30-15 or so when we stopped playing, the sand was too warm, So we jumped in to the sea instead. First she and Tom talked about something that i could not hear, then after they had talked for 10 minutes, Tom left and Jane told me to come.
M: Hey, what is it?
J: Hey, I'll go directly to the point. I know you like me Martin, and you have to know that I like you too a little, but there's another guy i like too. I can't really decide
M: Okay, I understand
j: No you don't! I feel like an idiot
M: Don't say that...... Who's this other guy then?
J Not telling

Then I tried to convince her for some minutes, no success, and I gave up. Then
J: I have to go, Cya tonight!
M: Yeah, Cya
J: Please don't be sad
M: I'm not sad *grin* It was better than I expected. Just tell me when you decide.

And so another evening came, and I was a little bit late. I took a seat far away from her for some reason, don't remember really why. I wasn't angry or something though. Then after two minutes she and her female-friends walked away,
M: Where are you going?
J: Does it matter, you don't talk to me anyway *grin*

Some would have said that the thing she said was bad, I found it inspiring though. Since it was obvious that she wanted me to talk to her, perhaps she had chosen? When she returned, I walked up to her and asked, she said no. Nothing more interesting happened that evening, we talked about school and such. And everyday was pretty much the same (Not that i did complain though :D) until the last day

I only had 15 min at the beach that day, and i was happy because I thought "Since I an only be 15 min, I bet Jane will spend all her time with me". But god how wrong I was. When me and my cousin got there, they weren't on the beach so they had to be in the sea. I looked and spotted her beautiful blonde hair immediately, so we swam out to them. She and one of her friends were standing and looking at three guys, all in Jane's age, throwing a ball to each other. And man she couldn't get her eyes of them. And she was particularly looking at one of the guys, and it was pretty obvious who her other love was. I can tell you i wasn't very happy after the beach visit, but I don't regret it. And then, nightfall.

I arrived first with my cousins as usual, and we had to wait 10 minutes before my love came. I told her I knew who the other one was and told her his name, and she denied it immediately. Anyway, our entire "gang" went to buy some cola, and all of a sudden they started to run away from us. Jane wasn't very happy with them, I was overjoyed. Got about an hour alone with her, just talking about stuff, I was ever so happy. Then we met the rest again, and we sat down for a moment, Jane went and talked to one of my friends (Not Tom, another guy) for 5-10 minutes. Then after that he came running to me and said "I've talked to Jane, and she says that she wants to give you a chance to kiss her" I didn't believe him, but he promised and swore and everything.

I went back to Jane and we started walking up on the pier, and i got the idea that my boat would be a good place for a first kiss, so I decided to take her there. It was a pain to get her on the boat though, I had to say that if she didn't jump on, i would drive away now and never come back (350 horsepowers :D). She didn't believe me until I started the engines and untied 1 knot. So she jumped on, and there we sat, looking at people walking by (One of them even threatened to call the police, but i told him to go ahead since it's my boat) and talked. Just as I thought about giving her the kiss, she asked me what the friend had told me, and I told her. Unsurprisingly that was not true at all. Then her mum called, she was waiting for her to come to the parking place, about 150m away.

We walked really slow, and I was really sad. these last 10 minutes would be the last I would see of her for one year. I almost started crying when she hugged me goodbye. Almost getting tears in my eyes now when I think about it. This is not really the end of the story though.

The next day, when I was walking to my usual evening meeting, I was SMS:ing with Jane, and I sent her a message and said that I knew who she loved all along, and she answered with this

Hehe yeah you were right, but I was really stupid! How could i ever take him over you? You're a 100 times better than he'll ever be!

I was overjoyed, and replied " IS there a chance that we can be together next year then?", She answered "Probably ;)". To bad I've lost all my messages from her now, nerf cellphone-stealing gypsies with knives :/. I still have a picture of my sweetheart though :). Now, my question is, how shall i do to keep her interested in me an entire year? Help a brother in need

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