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Friday, 1 May 2009

Story #45

Phew, took quite some time to read 62 pages.... Anyway, really enjoyed it, a lot of nice advice, and it also strengthened my self-confidence quite a lot.... dunno why...

Anyway, now it's time for my own story:

Right, I'm a 14 year-old boy living in Copenhagen, the mighty capital of Denmark. I'm tall and skinny, though I wouldn't say I'm ugly. More like average... I'm kinda old fashioned, worship Bob Marley and The Beatles, though Oasis is cool as well.

Anyways, once upon a time I was just a normal little cute boy of about 5th grade, had a normal life, no problems at that time.... But then it all started to go wrong. Apparently my male classmates seemed to think I was quite funny to tease, so they started to be quite rude to me (it's called "mobbing" in Danish, don't remember the English word). I still got one or two friends, one of them being a girl which I soon realised I was in love with.

At some time I pulled myself together and told her my feelings. Of course I was rejected. Two days after the whole class knew about it and started the real rough teasing that eventually made me leave for another school. I told myself that now everything should become different.

I was right. I did get some good friends, nerdy ass hell just like me. They made me start playing WoW, and we have really had some nice ties together. The girls though found out what a nerd I was and apparently lost interest for me at that same moment. Though there is one girl (I'll change to present tense because we've reached that point now). On the outside she's just one of the others. Though there is one difference: she looks like..... man, lets just say I love her looks. She also seems like a very nice person to me.

With this said, I haven't managed to even talk to her yet. Most girls find me just as sexually interesting as the chicken sandwiches they eat for lunch. I'm absolutely desperate, have no clue what to do now. How do I make contact with her?? Help me, oh mighty GALRITPOGers!!!!

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