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Friday, 1 May 2009

Story #51


I need to vent a bit so I thought, here we go...

You might remember my story a couple of pages back, to sum it up, she's in love with a guy who's been an utter ass to her, they're together now and along the road I came into her life...

I've been ok with it for a month or two now, had in mind we were gonna marry in a year or 10 or so :P

But ok... she's happy cause she's with the guy that she loves badly, every thing's perfect and then she has exams which she has to study real hard for... kinda normal you'd say but her boyfriend didn't think that way...
she's been through @@## with her exams and her boyfriend that's a total ass to her and is "talking" with his mates... so she was the "@%@!%%*" in all of their eyes.

They broke up in some kind of way and she said it's all her fault...
She told me the whole story and I told her not to bother with what other people say etc etc... It's totally not her fault, come on you gotta study for your exams.
Ok, she realised, she cheered up, told her not to sod about it too much 'cause there are people who've got it lots worse than us, just a pep talk, ya know :)
But the talks lasted for days again...

So now I'm here, more in love with her than ever, I dreamed about us starting a relationship last night, couldn't be a better start and it seemed heaven, of course, till I woke up .. :P

Yesterday we had a really serious chat and I wanted to message her when we were in bed (not the same, mind you :)) that I love her, it seemed like the perfect moment to be honest... but I didn't, I don't want to tell her that, she's been through so much @@## in her life, she doesn't need something like this on top of it all, she deserves to be happy. and that's what I want her to be, I'm badly in love yeah but she comes in first place, the @@!#er has messed so much with her in the past, even lately again and it makes my blood boil, you just don't mess with people, not like that.

I'm normally the positive and none violence guy but just now... :( I'm keeping myself strong but I want to tell her that I love her

She's afraid to give it all up, her whole family knows how she's in love with the guy, the whole family knows him etc... I think she doesn't want to give it up, even though us both fit perfect together.

And me giving her all the advice to not be down and look at life in a positive way...


Gonna revive this one once more, so it's chapter 3 already :)

since Sunday the girl got dumped by her boyfriend, he said to her his feelings are gone but he's spreading to his friends he still loves her badly, hmm maybe he's just so childish that he wants to blame her, I don't care and it wouldn't surprise me cause... not going to talk about him :)

Since I love this girl really badly, it hurts me also to see her heartbroken, and she's devastated.
I said to her (on msn) that she's gotta be with the people that love her and care about her, stay strong and believe in the heart, she will get over it.

One hour ago, I grabbed my bike, drove to her street and I messaged her on the cellphone that I wanted to talk to her, she came out, I told her that I care about her and that I'm there for her, we talked a bit, I said my opinion about the whole situation, and that she really should move on and I dare to say I saw a smile at the end of the chat, so it was worth it :)

I'm glad she got rid of the guy, he's hurt her too much, all the way and I'm glad I did this tonight, a small step but hope she appreciates it.

And yes, I'm very emotional tonight, hehe, Rod Stewart ftw.

thanks for letting me vent and for reading, catch ya on the flipside


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