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Friday, 1 May 2009

Advice from a GALRITPOG member #3

I got one really good tip for all you folks out there that have problems on the social level (iaw talking to strangers/girls)

Get a job in the Horeca!
this may sound pretty dumb, but even a job at McDonalds ups your social level by a lot
because in this sector you are forced to talk to strangers and even the most shy persons if seen there where transformed to social creatures.

simply because the border of being shy and not much of a talker is one that will be removed, you MUST talk to strangers, you're forced to, though you can keep it strictly business at first,
(can I have your order please, are you satisfied etc etc) you will soon start some random conversation.(even if you don't want it, customers who had a nice day will talk to you about random stuff. ) and you will see how easy it is to make contact and have a little chat.

You have a natural sex appeal that comes with the job!
Believe it or not, as a waiter or something in that line that u will be surprised by the amount of boys/girls that show interest in you, just because you work there! it's excellent training for your flirting skills.

I mean, when you go out, you always check out the personnel right? and you do flirt with them, even if there not that attractive.
Hell I work in the Horeca, there's always groups of giggly girls that flirt, asking for the check and my number, ordering me on a plate etc etc.
I'm not even that good looking, though I got a good sense of humour and I'm in for a joke. I just laugh and flirt back. But hey, I don't need to explain in a foreign language, just trust me :D

besides that, your co-workers are most likely the same age and hey.. something like 70% of all couples met at work....

just for the sake of the rollerduck: I was once a social monster to, shy like hell and a complete retard with girls (ended with a bunch of painful *best friends* girls which I'll tell about some other time)

Extra free tip; DON'T go for the friendly thing, keep it exiting and be slightly (to) naughty, else you just end up with another friend).

But after 3 years of this work, my colleagues are now my best friends and I met my GF at work.
I can recommend it to all of you. (pays good to ;p)

..jeeez I have no idea why I wrote all of that :D

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  1. Here approves, it's all true and I know it /Grin.