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Sunday, 3 May 2009

Story #59

Wall of text inc

Hey all GALRITPOG people,

Now this isn't the first time I've posted in this epic thread, it is however the first time I post with this alt. Don't know why I do that, but I have a feeling it will be better in the long run. My story isn't about the same girl as before either. She was really nice but that just didn't work out. OK, here it goes *sigh*.

As many other people I still think that meeting girls over the internet and falling in love with them is, well, a bit weird I guess. But about 2-3 months ago I found a story on this forum of a girl that needed a bit of help. I'm a nice guy so I replied to her and after a bit of talk I gave her my MSN so we could talk further. That night I went to bed at 06.00 in the morning. This girl is great, she's funny, smart, she plays Wow and so much other stuff...

Well, in that week I talked to her about 3 times, always in the evening, and it always continued past 04.00. I found my self falling in love with her. I hadn't seen her, so I felt all this just from her personality. At the end of the week she sends me a picture of herself. I open the file and the first thing in my mind is: HOLY SH*T, she plays WoW??!?!? She looks great in every way I like. I send her a picture of me, something I normally never do..., and she thinks that I look great, which is a huge confidence boost for me at the time. Because even though I'm 18 and not bad looking, no girl ever showed interest in me.But the next week I went on vacation, to somewhere I didn't have access to internet for an entire month. Now in that time I discover that I love her. I mean really love her. Not because I now know that she looks good( not that I'm complaining :D ), but because of how we can talk and have fun etc.

During that month I also grow insecure. I mean, what if she doesn't like me anymore, or never liked me anyway??? I'm quite used to rejection, but I've gotten my hopes up and well. as another topic says atm. Rejection's a %#$%. I couldn't stop thinking about her, it stopped me from having any fun in my vacation!
The only good things for me were that the day of my return was coming closer every day and that I stocked up on love songs on my mp3...

The day came on which I arrived home. It was really late( 6.00 in the morning again) but I still had a little hope of speaking to her that time. Too bad, she wasn't on MSN. But the next day she was!! When I saw her come online, I got a strange feeling of fear. Fear of talking to her and being rejected. Now I'm not a really confident guy and if it would've been stronger than that feeling would have stopped me... Thank god I didn't listen to it. The conversation that followed was just as good as all the talks I had with her till then. It made me feel great.

The following month we slowly grew closer to each other. Throwing on web cams and sending more pictures. And one day she says that she likes me...even loves me ... My heart jumps up and I reply that I liked her that much ever since I gotten to know her. Having said this to each other, it seemed like all the boundaries that were still there were broken and we continuously say that we love each other and that we wish that we were together... Not even for the sex ( hey, I'm an 18 year old boy, what else should I be thinking about?). No, I just want to hold her in my arms and hug her....

Now this is the real problem here. You see, she lives in a little country called Norway, and I live in the great kingdom of Holland... I'm a busy guy and I have no time now or in the next few months to go there. And she has little time for such a thing either. Now the feeling that I have for her is starting to hurt me, I need to get to her!!

My school just started, do you think it's just to skip it for say , a week, to go and meet her? Or, she is going to another country for a month. She passes Holland and she said she'd really like to stop here and stay for about a week. Only her parents don't approve of it. Should I encourage her plans?

Plox help me. I have fallen in love with a girl before. But never like this and it's really ripping my heart out. If the GALRITPOG can't help me, I don't know what can...

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