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Friday, 1 May 2009

Story #42

had that happen to me too.

Except the discussion always went well, andgodsamnit they never showed up at the bus site again (no i didn't scare them).

Cause you kinda need to meet a woman more than once to get her phone number...

Well, %%*@ outta luck for me.

Or that time I decided, nervosity be damned, I am actually going to hit on the receptionist of my gym (sweet little girl by the looks of it; and the way she acted too). And godamn if I wasn't making progress. We looked deep in eachothers eyes while we did just some small talk after I had worked out and was on my way out; and me racking my brain trying to figure out if that means she's attracted and not too shy or if it means she sees me as just another custome -- so that looking into my eyes wasn't such a big deal, VS getting shy and dodeing whenever eye contact is being done --.

And then, BOOM, second time I do small talk I pull a king-hell stunt of cocky&funny on her just as I leave.

And man, if she wasn't beaming next time she saw me...but then one day I went and asked her friend receptionist and she told me no, no use trying, she's got a boyfriend from waaaay back. And I kinda left it at that, and felt really really bad because I liked the girl and it was obvious she liked me too. But the other receptionist I asked must have told her best friend of this conversation. So every time I went to that gym for the next two weeks or so, I had to supress a powerful urge to just turn around and walk back home before going through check-in. But neuroses are to be conquered, so I felt the fear and did it anyway.

Tough luck I guess. Luck and I aren't really on speaking terms.

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