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Sunday, 3 May 2009

Story #58

Hi, my problem isn't big compared to some of you, but I'd like to ask advice. :) (Another girl problem)

I'm just turning 16 and started high school recently, playing WoW in free time and sometimes doing some boring stuff with friends. Me in a nutshell.

There is this girl in the school i used to go in. The girl is just nothing like I've ever seen previously, intelligent, smart, cute, funny etc... So, as foolish and shy as I was, i never made any effort to get to know her. Now that I'm in a different school I'm always very happy when i get so see her in the previous school as i sometimes visit there.

So at times it looked like she was smiling at me, looking at me and all that. I did the same in return but neither of us had the guts to step up and start talking. (The girl is 2 years younger so it's not a wonder why she never came over to talk.)
Last time I visited the school she was eating with her friends a few tables away and her friend saw me coming and immediately whispered something to the girl I liked, and the girl turned her head and looked at me.
But what if I'm just paranoid or something?? :s In that tiny little black hole of my brains i have that feeling saying; "she doesn't like you, you're not good enough for her, she was just looking at some of your mates. you are being paranoid, stop dreaming" And the other half says "Yes she was looking at you and probably wants you to go over and talk to her, do it." And every time some rich pretty boy walks past me I get this voice telling "wtf, you are an ugly guy, look at the guy that passed you, he has more money, looks, everything" and then I just lose all hope. :S

What should I do?? What if she doesn't like me and doesn't even know I'm around? If I go over to talk to her, maybe she will be like "ewww go away you pervert, 2 years older and all! what a pathetic loser" and hey, it's not that I'm afraid of getting rejected but I don't want to put her in an uncomfortable situation :s

P.S. My family is pretty poor.. So everything is depending on me and my future job, my dad really wants me to success in money business (mind me, I'm pretty badass when it comes to money and doing business ^^) I'd just some day want to tell my dad "hey, I've got enough money to buy you a new car" or something :)
So could a girl affect this?? My mother is always like "go go get a girlfriend and have fun" and my dad is "go on boy do more work and get more money" I also do martial arts :D
There's been some real horror stories about studying and girls not going hand in hand...

Phew long story, thanks for any replies :)

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