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Friday, 1 May 2009

Story #47

All righty.. I need some attention now, about a girl of course! Originally posted on Kaeryl's topic, I hope no-one will accuse me of being an attention whore.

I'm not sure whether I need help with anything, but please give me some tips if things I say don't seem realistic. It's a long post so if I'll appreciate it if you read!

I have many things to look forward to at the moment. Things I don't look forward to as well...

The biggest thing however, is the trip to Sweden I plan on taking. I'm travelling there with a friend, we're both 16 years old and Norwegian. No older people are going with us, so it's bound to be fun! We'll be staying at a camping place (not sure what the English word for it is), and rent a cabin.

The main reason we're going there, is that I met a girl on wow and she asked me to come see her in our vacation :-) She's really sweet and interesting, great to talk with and stunningly beautiful. It's hard to believe that girls as pretty as she plays wow. She's a little younger than me, which makes it even weirder.

During the first weeks that we spoke on MSN, (Couple of weeks after me met on wow) she was getting really edgy with her comments... She would send me funny songs going "I want to have sex with you", etc. I played along with her for a while, knowing she wasn't being very serious. One day though, I decided to ask her whether she was serious. I knew she wasn't, it was just to put her in a bit of an awkward position and then have a laugh about it afterwards.

As expected, she wasn't very serious, she's never had sex with anyone before, she just likes teasing. I smiled at her and blinked in the web cam as she asked me the same question. I was joking too of course, just wanted to tease her back a little. We both laughed about it and forgot the whole conversation soon after. Or so I thought.

It's been around 2 months since I got her MSN now, I've noticed that she likes me a lot, I like her too. I really hope I'm not attracted to her because it's over the internet or something, I think I heard someone discuss something like that. Ah well.

I'm trying not to have a shallow relationship with her, so after I knew she liked me, I began showing some softer sides of myself. She did the same, by letting me watch her without her make-up on the web cam. I felt this was a breakthrough, because she can wear a lot of make-up sometimes. Although she thought she was rather hideous without it on, I told her she was naturally good looking and that I admire her braveness. (Wasn't lying at all, I hope I seemed believable when I told her)

We've also talked about deeper things, problems with her and my friends, some really dramatic events. I feel like she trusts me. I've tried not to become a best friend like I've been advised by countless posts. :-) I know I've succeeded.

The reason for me writing the whole post is coming now. We were talking earlier this evening, not about anything particular, just chit chat. We both had our web cams on, I had taken my shirt of. (Nothing special, been doing it for her a long time) At one point, she began messing up her hair which is long and blond. It looked as if she had been fooling around with someone and I told her it was sexy and that I liked it. While I was writing the "Your hair looks good" message, she told me that she was going to bed. I didn't like it, but I replied as best I could, trying not to make her see I didn't want her to go.

She then said, that if I was a good boy, she'd let me sleep with her in her bed. Seeing as we live in different countries, I knew it was impossible. Nevertheless, I replied "I'm a really good boy "

She then said something really naughty, that made me gasp. I don't think I should say exactly what it was, but it involved us being intimate. With details. First idea I had was that it was another joke, but I'm quite sure she was serious. We had already agreed not to make jokes like that, seeing as I was coming to visit her. Another thing that made me think she was serious, was the serious, yet DAMN sexy look she gave me.

I couldn't keep my "cool composure" anymore, and I smiled broadly. She smiled back and blushed a little. We didn't say anything, we just exchanged looks the next 15 seconds. She then told me Good night, I said "sweet dreams;)" or something like that, and she logged off.

Now. I really want to get intimate with her. We had previously talked about how we'd bathe in the nearby lake together and how she and one of her friends would set up a tent near our cabin. I also know they wanted my friend and me to spend a night with them in that tent.

There are a lot more things I could write down, but seriously, I'm not trying to prove that she wants me. I'm not asking you to point out things that might indicate that she does not want to be intimate either.

Try and help me come up with an approach rather :p I'm not that experienced with flirting etc.
I was thinking about getting something to drink for us one evening, I can pass for 18 I think, I'm over 1.85 and I've got fairly developed muscles. Not planing on getting her drunk so I can make my move, I'm really not like that. It's more of a way to loosen up the atmosphere so we can get comfy. Know this though, I've been careful not to try being someone else, she likes me for who I am and that's really relaxing.

This is not a ruined love story, I am aware of that... Please help me so it doesn't end up like one.

Thanks a lot if you read my post, I hope it was entertaining :-) It's somewhat different from the other longs posts and replies I write, they normally make people reply "emo!" or /wrists :-)

- Doveego, Dragonblight (My own account is banned for trolling:-))

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