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Saturday, 2 May 2009

Story #55

Okay since the thread needs bumping I will post my little idiot story :)

Normally I know what to do, but now i really need help hehe. I'm 15 years old and my parents don't live together.

So, my father found this new girlfriend. I got a little angry but agreed to go with him, just to see her and such. On the way he told me that she has a daughter that's 14 and another one that's 10 (One for him, one for me and one for my little brother haha xD).
We entered their flat and of course I was little shy/angry and I saw that so was the girl that's 14, but went a little outside to play some football.. damn I love athletic girls. Slowly we lowered our "defenses" and started to talk. We talked and I made some jokes where she laughed and she started to like me. At that point I didnt realise how hot she was, but we became very good friends in 1 day.
Then me and my father went home, and the moment we were out their door she started writing smses. She just spammed me with all those "<3, sweety, honey, etc" and I could clearly see she liked me very much.

Then the next day I got her msn and we chatted and chatted, but since I was still angry at her mother and was very stupid I made the biggest mistake I ever made with a girl. Icecold I wrote something like "I don't want to be together with you!"(LOL CAKE HOW COULD YOU SAY THAT??!?) because she was really showing interest in me and I was getting little annoyed. Clearly she got angry and disappointed, and ignored me. Ever since it hasn't been the same doh.

Our parents still were in love so they visited us a few times and my relationship got little better with her, and suddenly I realised I had feelings for her! Grrrr how stupid and idiotic I was to turn her away like that! From that point i started I tried to get her, but I fear its to late. Every time we are together we have fun, but I think she lost interest in me. I'm always the one starting the conversations on msn, and I lost her phone number. What should I do to make her interested again? :_(

Sorry for my bad English.

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