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Friday, 1 May 2009

Story #49

Well, 4 years ago this girl and me were together, broke up and she's been in love with me and I haven't in her... and I've had a lot of girlfriends past these years and after the last girl I had, I was a little down.. now this chick who was in love with me ( dunno if she is now, that's the problem) comforted me and was there for me and stuff like that. Now, I started to get feelings for her. And it seemed liked she had for me too. So we went to a party together and everything went great, we fooled around made out and had sex, so... I think that !**@! used me because of me kinda not having feelings for her the past 4 years. And she seems totally uninterested in me now. Before the party she was like totally on to me, after, not interested...

And don't you dare telling me she ain't interested in me anymore coz I'm bad in bed, coz I ain't. ;p

What do you think? Did she use me or should I wait and see?

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