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Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Story #67

Ugh bit depressing to do this at my age but nevertheless...

I'm 18 and a student currently, my problem is my friends ex-girlfriend who I've got pretty strong feels for. Now the thing is we've known each other for only a few months but been through some tough !@%! together and we've both been there for each other which is great.

Now I'm very comfortable with her which is a bit strange after only knowing her for a short time I mean - we've seen each other naked at parties and the like and are together most of the time, thing is I think my feelings are getting too deep just to be friends with her.

Now the only thing that's stopping me from going for it is my friend(her ex) now he considers me as his best mate but the feeling isn't mutual mainly because he's a pleb but a decent lad when he wants to be, anyway my mate and her had a period of time where they just kept their distance from each other - fair enough, but now they're starting to get close again and all he wants with her is to use her as some kind of intermission because he got cheated on by the girl he's crazy about and i can't stand to see her hurt again.

Another thing that holds up me and Stef getting together is that I've slept with her best mate, at Stef's party in her bed and I've no idea how her friend feels about me but as far as I was concerned just a drunken one-nighter.

Anyway any advice on how to read the situation better with her or when I should go for it is greatly appreciated.

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