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Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Story #65

Back when I was in still at school I was a bit of a geeky kid... had long hair and played guitar, like to spend my time playing FF7 and Res Evil..etc. The only one in the whole school with long hair... apart from the girls heh.. for years I got the crap kicked out of me and put in bins and that. There were plenty of times I found myself really liking a girl and made a complete fool of myself over and over again haha.

When everyone started turning 15/16 all of a sudden they all started to learn how to play instruments, and it became very 'cool'. It was all punk power chord bands.. I got passed over cos I'd been the geeky kid for way too long! I was kinda the loner still.. loving my old school rock. Hanging around in ripped jeans and still had really long hair.. still having almost no luck with the ladies!

A few more years pass, and everyone is about 18. Last year at school before Uni. At this point I'd already been on tour with my metal band, the punk phase has passed and stuff is getting a bit more competent (not that good punk bands aren't! but you know what I mean..) Prom time comes around, and all the guys thought it would be great to get a big band together to play at the party! They finally ask me if I wanna get up and play on a song.. blatantly thought that I would make a fool of myself and that by doing so they would make themselves look fantastic.

Prom night comes round... everyone else in their suits and that. Not me.. jeans ftw! First song of the evening, good old Sweet Child of Mine heh. I ripped it up and the whole place kicked off! For the next 2 hours everyone was asking me to get up on stage again.. and I refused! Until the very last song... played a pacey blues number.. went down a treat!

After I left school I went on to play kinda semi pro.. only have to work part time and get to do what I love most weekends. Good lord I could tell you some stories... heh

My point here ladies and gents.. is that even if you don't have much luck in school and your a bit of a geek and that... Better times are coming. Stay true to what you love and believe in, the rest will follow... including teh girlez!!

..just had to post something in this epic thread heh :)

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