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Friday, 1 May 2009

Story #38

[Author of Story #20]

Guess who's back in this thread? For those that can't bother reading, I'll just say - we still haven't been together.

Now, if anyone still remembers my story, I applaud your memory. If not, just use the search function and find my post(s) in this thread, if you can't be arsed about it. So anyhow, here it goes - what's been happening lately.

Firstly, some geography, but let's keep it simple. I'll call the town where I live "place A", village (~5km away) she lives in "place B", and the village my best friend lives (another ~1km away) "place C".

Last Friday, me and my friend were bored, so we decided to go out in his village (place C). We got to a pub there, had a few drinks, some other friends came there, etc. We were generally enjoying ourselves. But suddenly, I saw her (and a friend of hers) walk into the pub. I greeted her and called her to sit by our table, and she came and sat next to me.

We talked a little (It was boring in place B so she decided to come here, etc.), I bought her and her friend a drink (although she was a little tipsy by then, but I was even more), talked some more, but then I chickened out. I knew I had a chance there - if I only told her I love her, or tried to kiss her, or anything, and see if anything can come out of it -, and I was being an idiot not to try. And alas, I didn't.

Eventually, some more people arrived so we were no longer sitting next to each other and the chance was lost. Some times passed, we were near each other but not as near as I wanted us to be. Before I noticed, it was 02:00, and she had to go home. And apparently, the person who was supposed to drive her home didn't arrive.

So me and my best friend convinced a cousin of his (one of the rare people there sober) to give all of us a lift to place B, to a pub her friend's (the one she came with) parents run. When we got there, she stayed with us for some twenty minutes, but then she really had to go home. The rest of the night isn't really interesting (or at least it has nothing to do with this story). Thing that annoys me the most about this second part (first part is me being coward) is that I didn't remember to ask her to walk her home (not that she lives too far, but at least to talk to her a few minutes' privately).

Hmm... wall of text, anyone? Anyhow, the next day (Saturday) also doesn't have much with this story, except that she was supposed to come to Place A, and I was determined to try this time, but she didn't come. Oh well, I would've chickened out anyhow.

So anyhow, I today me and a friend (not best friend, that guy was sick today) went to have a coffee in the city during our German language class, and we had a talk. We talked about various things, but she (friend) also did mention that she noticed how the girl I have a crush on is being more friendly with me than before just a few months ago, and looking back, I'd have to agree with it.

It's not that we didn't communicate before, we did, but much less IRL than now, and more through e-mails. During the class breaks we almost never talked (in fact, in school we mostly talked when we sat next to each other when people we usually sit next to are sick or something, and even then we mostly get separated for being too loud) to each other, she goes with a few friends of hers to a bench, we go near a school wall that keeps the sunlight off us (IT BURNS! :p), but lately she's been coming near me and starting conversations, and I did that a few times' also.

Oh, and another thing, not so big, but still. That Friday at school a friend of hers made a joke about me being in love with her, so now pretty much everyone in class knows it (before that it was a closely-guarded secret, meaning only half of the class knew it.) but since that was the last hour that day, no one got the chance to make any fun of it (I don't know how she reacted to the comment, since I was busy for the rest of that hour trying not to look anywhere near her general direction), and as it seems, everyone forgot about it by Monday.

Also (just remembered something) - I didn't pay attention when I read that post at the blog of hers in which she said she's still in love with her ex -When I sent a mail to the person that gave me address of her blog, asking why (s)he sent me it, I got a reply to carefully read the post, so I once again got there, read the post and understood what I got wrong. She admitted she still has some feeling for him, but she knows she'll never love him again (I basically read only the first line first time), so I got my hopes back up.

I noticed a strange thing also. When it's only me and her, I can talk normally - if we're walking to somewhere, talking by mail or we're sitting next to each other in school - with her and we have fun. But if there's only a third person nearby (especially if it's a person that knows I'm in love with her), I basically shut down. It's pretty annoying.

Now, I did say a big post was coming up, didn't I?

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