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Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Story #64

Hey :) Well I kind of have no idea why I'm desperate, but I'll just post it here :) I'm 14 years old, I'm about 1m 70 and I weigh only about 48 kg ( a problem in my tummy :D can't explain it in English ).

So, last year I had a short flirt with a girl, let's call her Anna, and after I broke up with her Start of July ( we got together in May ) we didn't speak a lot.
But turns out she came to my school cause she didn't pass in hers. And she brought along her girlfriend.


Her girlfriend was dazzling, I really liked her, and she added me, mainly because my ex wanted to hook up with me.

Let's call her Lisa.

Now there's the third girl, who plays a minor role, but quite important, let's call her Sarah. she's a friend of both girls and me, and she lives close by, and both Lisa and Anna drop by there often on Fridays.

Now, I started talking to this girl a lot, Lisa, while keeping contact with Anna, to obviously but not so really exploit that Lisa is Anna's best friend.

So we play a game of "Who do you like ?" other friends have long since told me that she likes me, but I'm to shy, so nothing said.

Now Anna finds out.

Anna is a little teeny weenie depressive girl now, and she offends her best friend, Lisa, calling her a slu*t, and a %*@!%, and that she hates her. Now, Lisa is afraid of meeting up with me, cause she's afraid of losing her best friend Anna, who is treating her poorly, because she's confused.

Anna still has feelings for me though.

So now, Thursday, Lisa is a bit distant, and won't talk to me really, and Anna is being a bit better, cause I talked to her for long, and she might glue it all together, by saying Lisa she's sorry.

But Anna is unpredictable, so let's not count on it. Lisa is not shy at all when Anna is not around, and here's the problem.

Tomorrow ( Friday ) dear Lisa will be coming over to Sarah, and they will visit me.

Guess is, they arrive around 10 pm, leave at about 1-2 or we take walks.

Now, problem is, I have to keep telling Anna I won't drop her out once I really "go out" with Lisa, and it's a problem kinda :/ but anyway, help plx! :D

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