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Sunday, 3 May 2009

Story #60

This weekend I was on a park party, it was pretty nice, loads of my friends where there and some nice girls. After like an hour, a nice girl settles down beside me, asks me what my name is etc, I was pretty drunk by that time and it didn't take long time before we where making out, we went away from the rest of the crowd and settled down in some bushes. we kept kissing for a while, then she asks me if I want to have sex, and i was like "yeeah sure" and moved my hands down her panties...

AND THEN, her telephone rang... it was her dad who said that he was waiting for her in the parking and that she had to go home.

I was disappointed :(

Anyway I got her number and I guess I'm gonna call her next time I'm going out to a party

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