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Friday, 1 May 2009

Story #54

Very nice thread <3

I'll tell my story :P

I'm kinda silent boy/man (16) and very shy when it comes to girls. I have a friend who is really good when it comes to girls, he has like 10 girls he could choose from right now ^^
But anyway, about year ago when this friend was on a party again looking for chicks (me playing WoW home at that time) he managed to find this new girl and wanted me to meet her, I didn't know why but I agreed eventually. So well I was like "mmhhh ok" when I met this girl, didn't feel any "love in first sight" or anything... Just added the girl on msn and we just talked about random stuff, eventually she ended up having web cam on, just showing around what her home looked like and stuff.
But after a while she started to do "oil" her legs in front of the cam, and other stuff like that. And well, of course I fell for her... -_-

After a while we ended up going on date, and after that ended up together. But as I had never been with a girl before, I couldn't really measure if it was "love" or not.. But if it was love, then love is most definitely overrated :F

Well... I found out that she had had 2 boyfriends before me, dumping the other boy because of the other one... (probably dumping the latter for me) and I wasn't very pleased to hear this. I also found out that the girl didn't have almost any friends.

After being together for like a month, she already started to hook up with other boys, and intentionally trying to make me jealous and all that. At Christmas she finally dumped me for another boy (who had been in touch with the police for five times, drank, smoked, didn't go to school and all that) I didn't do any of that stuff (expect school of course), and well I came up with the conclusion that I wasn't "tough" enough for the girl...

So we didn't speak anymore in over 6 months, I just wanted to forget her, deleted her msn, phone number and all that.
Until 4 days ago she saw me at town, and started to talk to me again on msn, and we became friends again. But she has already taken a control of me once again, talking all soft and stuff like that...

I fear that she is still the same as she was, but in the meantime, I feel sorry for her because she doesn't have any friends or anyone to support her, and generally her life isn't very good (she has her left arm full of scars from cutting. Emo yes I know). And now I don't know what to do :s

I fear that if I say "no, we are only friends" she will get mad and go cut herself or something and I don't want that she hurts herself.

What should I do?? :o

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