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Friday, 1 May 2009

Story #53

Q u o t e:
You know, they say love blinds.. I think I prefer my sight the way it is <.<

[Author of Story #2

"My greatest fear is becoming blind. Can you imagine a more horrible fate for a hacker?"
I have no idea what the books name in English is, but in Norway it's named the Death Trap - Dødsfellen.

Anyhow, I'm coming home from Turkey this Wednesday - Time to get back to watching anime.

Oh, right, I might write here what've happened around here the last three weeks. We're basically Love Hina here, with 3 guys and 11 gurlz. I'll tell about random stuff that have happened: 10 of the girls left together with the other guys back to Norway this Saturday.

I'm staying here until Wednesday. One of the girls also stayed and I heard she'd been asking for me and asked her dad the multimillionaire about if she could stay until Wednesday like me. She even asked my family if she could join me both in the apartment I live, if she could join the same plane and even if she could stay at my house when she got back until her father would pick her up (They live some hours away).

Now, I hardly knew she didn't hate me, so that was a shock. And to top it off she didn't even tell ME! All I learned was through the others around, and my mother was obviously itching in the VISA-muscles as pushed me on like "Godowntohergotodowntohergodowntoher".

Then she left on Sunday.

Sooo, now I'm the only one left, and what do I do? Get my hair bleached once again just for the hell of it and sit at iCafes just to see that it takes an hour to load 1/3 of a bleach episode.

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