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Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Story #66

Saw this topic and thought I'd post the story about my impossible love...

See, there's this girl. She happens to be one of my best friends, I've known her since I was like 3 years old (I am 16 now by the way, so is she). We're very good friends and can talk about anything really... But recently I've began to develop more feelings for her, and I am now convinced that I have fallen in love with this fantastic girl...

Now, that's all good and well, except the fact that I can't tell her. You hear about friendships being f*ked up by stuff like this, and I really really don't want that to happen. I'm not sure how she would react, but I'm afraid to risk our friendship...

She may like me as well, although it could just be friend stuff... Lately, when we've hugged (as I assume most close friends do), it's been like... well, I'm not sure how to say it English, but more tightly, if you understand... We've held hands several times, actually had a quite romantic moment with her on New Year's Eve... We held hands and watched the stars for a couple of minutes... then we were brutally brought back to the real world by fireworks exploding nearby lol.

She's also said that the next time she's going to have a BF, is when she finds someone who can really knock her off her feet... While she wasn't talking to me, she was looking at me when saying this, I dunno if there's a hidden message there or if it was a coincidence.

I'm just so confused at the moment, I feel like I simply cannot tell her because I may risk losing her as a friend, but at the same time it's tearing me apart. I'd like some serious opinions on what I should do, please. I just can't figure it out :(((

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  1. Well, I dont know really. If you really can trust her, then you should tell her and if she is a good friend, then she will most likely understand, and it wouldn't be awkward.