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Friday, 31 July 2009

Story #114

I think I'll share some stories (Yes I actually have 2 soap opera stories ;_;)

So back around 2 years ago I had some problems at school I had been sent to a school with a lower ''level'' of education because I suffered from a sleeping disorder the past year, and my grades dropped to below required to stay there.

So in my new school, I didn't fit in at all, I was actually much smarter then the level (I'm now at a school 2 ''levels'' higher which is quite a lot) and the kids there just weren't my kind of people at all.

I had no friends there at all, and I really didn't have anything to do in the breaks between classes.

So one time while I was sitting in the school lunch room or whatever you may call it, sitting alone at a table studying, when I loose concentration, I look over 10 meters away or so are 2 girls talking, and for some reason 1 of these girls was one of the only ones who seemed like my type and was very attractive.

So I took it upon myself to walk over and start a conversation out of nothing (I would normally never do this, but hey that school was awful I couldn't do anything else).

Short version, it ended extremely well and I got together with the girl, her close friend though seemed to hate me.

One day I went over to her house and we kinda made it official and I had quite a time at her house (not sex just kissing and cuddling, she seemed to be crazy about me at the time..) This was the first time we had really done anything.

One day later, at school I hear she doesn't want anything to do with me because her friend has spread some lies about me talking about her behind her back or something about something I don't even remember what she said, I was hardly listening to the details when I heard that.
I said that what her friend told her was completely untrue, however she replied with ''She's my best friend I've known for 11 years, I trust her more then you sorry'' and wouldn't speak a word more after that.

So, that was kinda a sad moment :( but I got over that since I got out of that school with an I.Q test 2 weeks later. (And maybe a double date 1 week later had something to do with it ^_^)

I have a second story, but I might put that up some other time, maybe in another version of the same thread. :3

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